Ahmaud Arbery: Supporters are running 2.23 miles on the birthday of a man killed while jogging

Arbery, 25, jogged in a neighborhood outside of Brunswick, Georgia, February 23 when he was chased down of a former police officer and his son who were armed, authorities said. Arbery was shot after fighting with his son over his shotgun, according to a Glynn County Police report. The former officer later told officers he believed Arbery looked like a suspect in a series of burglaries nearby, the report states.

Jason Vaughn was Arbery's high school football coach. Now, he's asking supporters to honor Arbery by going for a 2.23-mile run, representing the date of his death on Friday, which would have been his birthday. He asks runners to document his run and post it on social media under the hashtag #IRunWithMaud.

"With Covid-19 Of course, we can't have a demonstration where we're all together, "Vaughn said, adding that this demonstration is the best way to unite in honor." Any runner can identify with Maud, a guy who may have had a bad day, but he can go out there and hit the sidewalk and jog. "

The last time Vaughn saw Arbery was when they crossed paths while on the run. Vaughn said he wanted to catch up with Arbery and joke with him, but Arbery pushed hard and he couldn't reach him.

"I'm going to continue just like he did the last time I saw him," Vaughn said.

"We want to do justice"


Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper, told CNN Sunday that she never worried about her son jogging because she said he didn't bother anyone.

Feb. 23, Gregory McMichael and son Travis Arbery chased down, McMichael told police. Travis and Arbery fought over Travis's shotgun, and two shots were fired before Arbery fell to the street, according to a report by Glynn County Police.


McMichael later told officers that although Arbery looked like a person suspected of a new set of burglaries, according to the report.

CNN's attempt to reach McMichael failed.

Ahmaud Arbery with her mother.

District Attorney Tom Judurd Circuit Tom Durden formally pleaded Tuesday night that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating Arbery's death.

"Our goal with every investigation is to seek the truth, and that is exactly what we intend to do in this matter," GBI Director Vic Reynolds said in a video statement Wednesday. "This investigation must be done properly, and therefore I must ask for a little of your patience. I am sure we will do justice to this matter."


While authorities are investigating, public figures are calling out the injustice they see in the case.

NBA superstar LeBron James tweeted his support from Arbery on Wednesday night.

"We are literally chased every day / every time we step outside the comfort of our home!" James twittered. "I apologize to Ahmaud (Rest In Paradise) and my prayers and blessings sent to ….. heaven over to your family!"

Speaking to MSNBC on Wednesday, Georgia politician Stacey Abrams said she supports an immediate investigation.

"It looks like vigilant behavior that should be prosecuted and criminalized. And it looks like the Arbery family has got a very sore hand of injustice," Abrams said.

Durden wrote in a news release obtained by CNN on Tuesday that he expects to present the case to the next available grand jury in Glynn County to consider whether charges are justified for those involved in Arbery's death.

CNN's Angela Barajas, Amir Vera and Steve Almasy contributed to this report.

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