Adamawa denies receiving 42 patients from Gombe

On Sunday, the Adamawa state government denied receiving 42 patients from COVID-19 from the Gombe state government.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that an online newspaper on Saturday reported the alleged transfer of patients across the state of Gombe.


Reacting to development, Mr. Basheer Ahmed, Secretary of the Adamawa State Government, described the reports as "false".

Ahmed, who is the chairman of Adamawa on the COVID-19 Containment Committee, told NAN that the state received only 38 travelers from Gombe.

He said that the travelers' samples were sent to the Abuja laboratory for testing and the results of 29 returned negative.


“It is incorrect to say that 42 COVID-19 patients of Adamawa origin were handed over to the Adamawa government of the state of Gombe.

“During confinement, governors agreed to a ban on interstate travel and all people traveling to a state must be quarantined and observed for 14 days.


"And based on that protocol, the state of Gombe has actually handed over 38 of these Adamawa travelers to us," said Ahmed.

He further stated that, based on the advice of the World Health Organization's technical partners, the remaining nine travelers were advised to isolate themselves for 14 days. (NAN)

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