Abia Govt Orders Arrest Of Residents Without Face Masks In Public – Channels Television

Archive photo. Olivier MORIN / AFP

The Abia state government has ordered the arrest and prosecution of residents who leave their homes without wearing masks.


He also said he would dethrone traditional rulers and heads of state border communities that grant entry to vehicles and people from neighboring states.

The information commissioner in Abia, John Okiyi, disclosed this in a statement sent to the TV channels on Tuesday.

According to him, the results of all samples taken from the contacts of the two index cases and sent to the Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC) returned negative.


Okiyi, however, noted that the government expected results for another 44 samples sent for testing and would make the results public.

"Starting this week, our epidemiologists will begin the active search for cases in all LGAs in the state to ensure that no cases in the state are detected," he said.


The commissioner said that while the curfew imposed by the state government was over, that of the federal government (8:00 pm – 6:00 am) would be enforced.

He added that the closure of Akwa Ibom's borders with neighboring states remains in effect until further notice.

Okiyi states: "Vehicles that violate the Federal Government imposed curfew must be confiscated and passengers kept in quarantine at the nearest appropriate medical facility or handled as recommended by members of the inspection task force."

He added: “The government has watched with dismay the antipatriotic activities of some traders who open markets at dawn to serve buyers from outside the state, with special reference to Kent Street, Aba, Ariaria International Market, Asa Nnentu and Ohiya Spare Parts Market and wishes warn those involved in such practices to immediately cease or face the full wrath of the law, which will include the closure of such stores.


"From now on, traditional government officials and heads of state border communities that allow vehicles and people from neighboring states to enter our territory will be dethroned and judged by the state's COVID-19 rules."


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