A tough-boiled egg recall expands to merchandise offered at Walmart and Dealer Joe’s following a lethal listeria outbreak


The expanded recall consists of widespread manufacturers and natural fare, like Egglands Finest, Pete & Gerry’s and Important Farms.

Dealer Joe’s egg and potato salads have been recalled, too, as a result of Almark Meals offered damaged egg whites used of their manufacturing.


Affected merchandise have a “Best If Used By” date that begins with a G, which implies the product was manufactured on the Gainesville facility and shouldn’t be consumed, the Meals and Drug Administration stated.

Almark Meals has briefly halted manufacturing on the Georgia plant within the meantime. CNN has reached out to Almark Meals for remark and is ready to listen to again.

Folks at excessive danger of an infection ought to use warning


The listeria micro organism primarily infects pregnant ladies, older adults, individuals with weakened immune methods and newborns, the CDC stated. Its signs are just like different food-borne sicknesses, together with fever and diarrhea, however in extreme instances, it may possibly trigger miscarriages or stillbirths in pregnant ladies.

Till the CDC is aware of extra concerning the outbreak, it recommends high-risk shoppers throw out any store-bought hard-boiled eggs or merchandise containing them, like egg salad.

Don’t eat these merchandise, the CDC suggested. As a substitute, throw them out and sanitize the locations the place they have been saved.


Earlier than you eat one thing which will comprise hard-boiled eggs at a restaurant or retailer, test with mangers to verify the eggs aren’t from Almark Meals. In the event that they do comprise Almark eggs or the venue is not positive, do not buy or order the product, the well being company suggested.

Recalled merchandise

Dealer Joe’s Egg Salad, 6-ounce cups

Use-by dates: On or earlier than 12/27/19

Dealer Joe’s Outdated Common Potato Salad, 20-ounce trays

Use-by dates: On or earlier than 12/27/19

7 Choose

2-count hard-cooked eggs with salt and pepper

Almark Meals

A number of merchandise

Finest Selection

Three 2 counts in Clamshell Exhausting Cooked Eggs


12-count hard-cooked eggs

Dairy Recent

Nice Worth 6-count stand-up pouch hard-cooked eggs

2-count hard-cooked eggs


12-count hard-cooked eggs

Egglands Finest

A number of merchandise

On a regular basis Necessities

6-count hard-cooked eggs

Farmers Hen Home

6-count stand-up pouch hard-cooked eggs

Meals Membership

6-count stand-up pouch hard-cooked eggs

Recent Thyme

6-count hard-cooked eggs

2-count hard-cooked eggs

Big Eagle

6-count stand-up pouch cage-free hard-cooked eggs

Nice Day

2- and 6-count hard-cooked eggs

Nice Worth

60-count stand-up pouch hard-cooked eggs

Impressed Organics

2- and 6-count natural hard-cooked eggs

Kirkland Signature

2-count natural hard-cooked eggs


Three Cage Free 2 counts in Clamshell Exhausting Cooked Eggs


6-count stand-up pouch hard-cooked eggs


6-cont stand-up pouch hard-cooked eggs

Members Mark

Jack’d protein snack

Naturally Higher

6-count stand-up pouch cage-free hard-cooked eggs


2-count hard-cooked eggs

O Organics

2- and 6-count hard-cooked eggs


Two 1 Counts boxed Exhausting Cooked Eggs–With Dip

1 Rely Exhausting-Cooked Eggs

Pete & Gerry’s

6-Rely Arise Pouch Natural Exhausting Cooked Eggs

2-Rely Natural Exhausting-Cooked Eggs

Rainbow Farms

12-Rely Exhausting-Cooked Eggs

Exhausting-Cooked Eggs – 5# Bag

Rembrandt Meals

Diced Egg – 5# Bag

12-Rely Cage Free Exhausting-Cooked Eggs


6-Rely Stand-Up Pouch Cage Free Exhausting-Cooked Eggs

Easy Fact Organics

6-Rely Natural Exhausting-Cooked Eggs


2-Rely Exhausting-Cooked Eggs w/salt/pepper

Important Farms

Pasture Raised Exhausting-Cooked Eggs – 5# Bag

Three Boxed 2 Counts Pasture Raised Exhausting-Cooked Eggs

2-Rely Pasture Raised Exhausting-Cooked Eggs with salt and pepper

Wild Harvest

6-Rely Natural Exhausting-Cooked Eggs

CNN’s Elizabeth Wolfe contributed to this report.

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