A pregnant hospital nurse was diagnosed with coronavirus and family says insurance won’t cover her shot at recovery

Sylvia LeRoy's family is asking the audience for help after they say that insurance refused full coverage of her rehabilitation treatment following a C-section emergency and virus-related coma.

LeRoy was six months pregnant and working at Brookdale Hospital in mid-March when she first started feeling ill, but she brushed it off first, sister Shirley Licin told CNN's Anderson Cooper on "AC360."

LeRoy was sent home from the hospital with some antibiotics, but a few days later she returned and tested positive for coronavirus, Licin said. She quickly began to get worse.

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She was able to go to trial for the experimental drug remdesivir when she was transferred to Mount Sinai hospital, where her mother was later also admitted for coronavirus. LeRoy's father, husband and children were also diagnosed.

The family got better and LeRoy started to do better too, but then Licin got a call from her sister's doctor that she was coded.

Licin and LeRoy's husband were on the phone listening as the doctors worked to revive her.


"After all I can say, the worst number of seconds or minutes it took, they said they found a pulse," Licin said.

She was rushed to the operating room, and in just 30 weeks, her daughter Esther was born, Licin said.


Esther is fine now, Licin said, but she was a little blue at birth. Her mother went eight minutes without oxygen to the brain and suffered from anoxic brain damage.

The family cannot be with LeRoy as she is receiving life support.

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"In an otherwise non-covid world, the family would be with her, we would touch her, we would talk to her, we would hold her," Licin said.

They are hoping for a specialized emergency rehabilitation program that can only be found at a handful of rehabilitation centers across the country, Licin said. But LeRoy's insurance only covers 60 days of the many months she would need.

The family hopes a GoFundMe will make the difference for a nurse who wanted to make a difference by working at a hospital serving an underprivileged area, Licin said.

"This is her fighting chance," Licin said. "She deserves to have a chance."


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