A mama bear was caught on camera rescuing her cubs in South Lake Tahoe

Firefighters with California's South Lake Tahoe Fire Fighters Association were recently sent to Key Marina after receiving a call about three bear cubs who had been separated from their mother.

When they arrived at the scene, firefighters found that the mama bear had already begun to carry out a vicious rescue plan to reunite the family.


Slowly, she encouraged each of the kids to jump in the water, and swam them each in safety.

"The Morning Bear was determined to save all three of her kids and make sure they look tomorrow by continuously swimming each one in safety," the association said in a Facebook post May 3rd.

The firefighters' association also shared a video of the adorable rescue.

In the video, the mama bear can be seen coaxing one of the kids to jump in the water. She then swims over, has the kid locked on her back and swims them both to safety.


Now it's a good mom!

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