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A 16-year-old girl accused of killing her father's friend, who allegedly tried to rape her, was prosecuted before an Ebute Meta Magistrates' Court sitting in the Yaba area of ​​Lagos state.


The young woman, three students from the Senior Secondary School (SSS), was denounced by the State Department of Intelligence and Criminal Investigation (SCIID) before Ms. A Adedayo of the Chief Magistrates Court of Ebute-Meta.

The police took her before the magistrate, accused of killing a 51-year-old Babatunde Ishola on March 7, 2020 in Nwadolu Street, Aboru, in the Alimosho region, by stabbing him to death with a knife and committing a crime. punishable under Section 225 of the Lagos State Criminal Law, Nigeria, 2015.

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It was said that the deceased worked as a guard at a community school and lived alone.

However, the teenager's request was not accepted, but after hearing the policeman's request, magistrate Adedayo promptly condemned her at the Correctional Home For Girls in Idi-Araba.


She ordered the police to send a duplicate copy of the case file to the Public Prosecutor's Office (DPP) and postponed until April 27 for advice from the DPP.

The State Secretariat of Public Defender's Office (OPD), which is defending the teenager, did not oppose the process.

However, OPD guaranteed the teenager free and quality legal representation throughout the trial period.

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